Enough Trace

Question:      How many Database Server trace files does it take for Oracle Support to change a light bulb?

Answer:      We need 2 more Database Server trace files to tell you.

Vicken Khachadourian

Vicken:      Larry Ellison is the reason why I'm the world's most expensive, blacklisted UBER Driver with a Math degree from U.C. Berkeley. My discovery is the reason why he stepped down. So far he does not have a fix as the CTO of Oracle. That's why he needs to attack Google, Amazon, Apple and Netflix globally to have a second shot at being the monopolist he dreamed of.

Warned Oracle in 1996 and blew the whistle internally at Oracle in 2005, proving that Oracle's Trace Files were misleading all technicians around the world. The problem is still causing damages today.

Oracle conducted a 2.5 year official investigation, verified Vicken's 100% success on the toughest cases, which proved to have tremendous merit, and made Vicken the first Support Engineer out of 4,500 to have a patent persuit on Oracle's diagnostic approach. They ordered Vicken to solve the problem with one patent, giving him no resources except for what he had as an individual employee. Vicken failed to solve everything with one patent. Oracle stopped the patent pursuit and eventually fired him. Since 2008 Oracle has applied for over 150 patents in that area of the code. So far they have no solution. Before 2008 Oracle never applied for any patents for that part of the code, proving that they ignored Vicken's warnings. Vicken never pursued a patent on his own, and does not have a patent dispute with Oracle.

Oracle's diagnostics, error and inter-process messages are present in every function of the product. By design, initially with the best of intentions, once they became more granular and dependent on the context in which they were being reported, at first glance they looked reliable, but they impacted the entire product's behavior. Then the covereup got worse. Oracle knows that a lot of the failures for different background processes to inter-communicate are not accidents. Oracle knows that an important portion of its trace files and error messages will mislead everyone, send its own processes into confusion and cause failures.

Oracle initiated the talk of a patent, not Vicken. It makes sense, that way Vicken's warnings and success record can be mislabeled, and the hundreds of billions in damages to Oracle's customers, and the lobbying it's doing with government entities against Google, Amazon, Apple and Netflix will be subject to distraction.

Oracle's Larry Ellison:      In 2017 Larry finally agreed with Vicken during the Wall Street Earnings Call and Oracle Openworld.

Larry was 21 years late. He's saying he's gonna fix the problem with the Autonomous Database.

We wish Larry success, but remain skeptical. So far every Oracle executive who fought Vicken lost and created hundreds of billions in damages over 2 decades, with a story that made it to both Presidents Obama and Trump. We are afraid that Larry is not going to be the exception to that pattern.